Your use of language and style will carry the overall argument of your essay or dissertation.  The person marking you is unlikely to look past a low standard of English or badly constructed logic to see the potential in your ideas. Hiring the editing services of an editor or proofreader can bring your work up to the polished standard your lecturers want to see, to help you get the grades you deserve.

Subject areas: Humanities & social sciences, Commerce, Economics, Law


At this stage of your academic career, don’t let simple mistakes hold you back. Your PhD thesis is probably the most important thing you’ve written yet, and you want to do your expertise justice with a cleanly and clearly presented paper. Even the best writing can be improved by the editing services of a good editor who will look at your text with fresh eyes and spot what you’re too close to see. Improve your structure and clarity so that the content of your work shines through.

Subject areas: Humanities & social sciences, Economics, Law


Academic journals are highly competitive. Get your work noticed by hiring an experienced editor to really polish it off and give it a true sense of authority.

Subject areas: Humanities & social sciences

Academic proofreading and editing services


Having worked for Ireland’s oldest publisher, I know what commissioning editors want to see in their submissions, and I can help you get your work there. Authors of non-fiction books are usually experts in their field, but making it past the publishing slushpile can be difficult. Make your work shine by hiring an editor to help you achieve the seamless flow and mastery of language that publishers love to work with.  

Subject areas: Travel, biography, memoir, politics & current affairs, social justice, mental health, self-help, lifestyle, popular science, children’s books

Blogs & articles

It can be easy to make mistakes when writing with a quick turnaround. Web content tends to be the fastest moving type of copy, often written only the day before being published online. Whether you’re a journalist, a blogger or a digital nomad, hire an editor to ensure your copy is of the highest standard before it goes out into the world. I have plenty of experience editing web content both for my clients and in my role as Literature Editor at HeadStuff.org.

Proofreading and editing services

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