Payment is via bank transfer or at A deposit is required, with full payment due 14 days from the date of your invoice. Full details can be discussed in relation your project. Editing prices are charged per 1000 words and vary depending on the type of work required:

  • Technical editing or proofreading
  • Light copy-editing
  • Substantive editing

Prices may also be adjusted in cases where an edit would take significantly longer than usual – for example, in some cases where the author is a non-native English speaker. I can advise on this after reading a page or so of the text.

There are a number of different types of edit your document may benefit from. Think about what you want from an editor, and get in touch so we can discuss the type of work you’d like done. I can then give you a quote. I work in British English as standard but can also work in American or other English as requested.

Technical editing or proofreading

This type of edit focuses on correcting spelling and grammar, punctuation, misused words, sentence structure, dates and omitted or repeated words. A proofread will often be the final look over your document before you submit it.

Consistency editing

This type of edit checks for consistency throughout the text. This involves cross-checking references, charts, captions, footnotes, contents pages, headings and sub-headings. It also checks that paragraphs and sections that refer to each other do so accurately.

Substantive editing

This is the most in-depth type of edit. It involves improving the overall structure of the text by looking at logic and argument, use of language, and arrangement of sentences and paragraphs. Sensitivity reading also comes under this heading. This involves a detailed reading of how a text treats subjects such as gender, race, social class, sexual orientation and so on, to ensure that prejudices and bias don’t result in misrepresentation or unintended stereotypes. A substantive edit can also identify areas where the research needs to be improved or expanded upon. Note that an editor cannot amend incorrect data or information in a text.